Welcome ....... 

..... to the Nelson region's soaring club. Nelson Lakes Gliding Club is all about the sport of soaring in sailplanes, fast, sleek unpowered aircraft capable of great distance and heights.

What do we do?
Fly gliders! Gliding is one of the most exciting and accessible forms of recreational aviation. It is also one of the most unsung adventure sports in the world. 

Its challenging, its affordable and incredibly rewarding. 

 Our club flies most Saturdays from Lake Station. We have a fantastic soaring playground with Kahurangi National Park in the west, the Southern Alps just east & south of the strip and massive country of the Molesworth behind that. We have thermal, convergence, ridge lift and wave lift which we can get to from our cheap winch launch operation.

Where are we?

At Lake Station airstrip, 8km west of St. Arnaud. Just over one hour south of Nelson. Need directions? Here’s a map.

Are you interested?
We offer an instructional 3 flight voucher system for $200 for folks that are interested in giving gliding a go.  For more information on this click  Here