Have a go

 Gliding is one of the most accessible, safest and affordable forms of flying, it is also one of the most demanding, challenging sports you can image but its remarkable. While many dream of soaring, most will never take the step from having a trial flight to taking it up as a sport as it is not easy. It takes time to learn, takes courage and persistence but it is a  learning path that's stacked with great milestones. Gliding blows you away time and time again. It's the beauty, the skill, the views, the freedom, the sense of achievement, camaraderie, being in-tuned with nature and the adventure in every flight.  

Start out by doing a intropack first. The intropack is 3 flights. We have found it takes at least 2-3 flights before most people can get a true sense if gliding is for them. Please note that we do not accommodate 'off the street' purchases. You must contact us first and purchase a $200 Intropack beforehand.

Instructional trial flights are undertaken between 10 am and 1 pm on our flying days. Flights after  1 pm are subject to aircraft availability as they may be in use by club members. We are a small club with limited resources so our focus after 1 pm will move onto training our students but we do really enjoy introducing keen people to our sport. 

The joining fee is set at $500. This covers the NLGC membership and GNZ fees which operate ona pro-rata system (pro-rata table below). It will depend on when you join what the cost of this will be. The rest of the $500 goes into your flying account so you can start training right away. 

To purchase your instructional Intropack or more information, contact Marc (027 206 2672).