The Fleet

MZ Mike Zulu & AJ Alpha Juliet Grob 103

Docile and easy to handle 2 seat trainers with moderate performance. A great aircraft to learn in which can also get around the place.

NH November Hotel Grob Club Astir III

A club class medium performance single seater, ideal for solo pilots to further their skills and explore further afield in.

CX Charlie X-Ray LS4-a

A higher performance cross country soaring machine that is just beautiful to fly. Outfitted with all the instruments and modern nav equipment a cross country pilot needs.

Private fleet

There are bunch of private gliders soaring out of Lake station every weekend. There is, KW (ASW27), GS, YK (Discus 2B), TH & RC (Discus B), KU (Nimbus2) and of course any visitors we might have the pleasure of hosting.