For Pilots

Rates & Fees

Annual Club Membership - $310 *

Affiliation to Gliding New Zealand (GNZ) is $95 annually in spring.

Joining fee - $500 (This covers the NLGC membership & GNZ fees that is determined from a pro-rata table. The remainder of the funds will carry over to your flying account so you can get cracking)

Aircraft hire:

CX (LS4-a) - $1.25 / min

NH (Grob 102) - $0.80 / min

AJ & MZ (Grob 103) - $1.20 / min

Bulk Flying Scheme - $1250 / year for unlimited usage of club gliders effective April onwards. Contact the club commitee for further info.

There is a 2.5 hour cap (so if you're still flying after 2.5 hours its free).

Winch Launch - $30 for first two launches then $15 for all subsequent launches of the day.

Self-launch landing fee - $20 / day

Aerotow surcharge - $10 / day (landing fee only)

Gliding NZ Logbook - $36

Landout Book - $30

Fee payable by overseas pilots to Nelson Lakes Club $50 per week or part thereof (or $35 for one day only)

(Note also annual fee for overseas pilots to GNZ of $60)

* The joining fee for joining the club is based on a pro-rata system and therefore dependent on when the new member joins.

Club bank account:

Nelson Lakes Gliding Club Incorporated


(please use your name as the reference)

Prices are inclusive of GST unless stated otherwise

Upon becoming a member of the Nelson Lakes Gliding Club (Incorporated), you are automatically affiliated with Gliding New Zealand which has delegated authority from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to govern gliding in New Zealand.

Our schedule of fees as listed on this page are valid from 1st May 2022 and are subject to change at any time.